This week’s awsm Stuff! Fri-5/9/14

the awsm Mister Rogers!!!

Caught a documentary about Mister Rogers this week — “Mister Rogers and Me”

and it just makes me think, as ever, how amazing this man was.  A modern-day Saint.  It’s always a beautiful day in the neighborhood.



awsm Sounds ~

I listen to a fair amount of Ambient Sounds, Classical Music, and — occasionally — the Standards (tho in the car, it’s usually Top Pop).  So a couple of the awsm sounds I’ve bookmarked…

Since I no longer have a place “downashore,” this way I can get my fix of seaside sounds


Heard a Tibetan Bowls performance by Axexandre Tannous at the recent PSYmposium, and have been tapping into this as going-to-sleep sounds

frank sinatra

AccuRadio’s “Swinging Pop Standards” — I’m a fan of Frank, Dean, Doris, Nat, Mikey Bubbles et al…


AccuRadio’s “Top 100 Classical pieces,” the Pops of the Classical genre




This week’s awsm stuff! Fri-5/2/14

Well, it’s Friday and so it’s time for me to post the various Random things that I found to be awsm this week!  It’s a bit of a mish-mosh, so here goes…

How can you not love this?!?

How can you not love this?!?

The Peter Dinklage “Game of Thrones” theme song

Because always

Because always

“Skeletor Is Love” on Facebook

  manayunk flood

Flood-adelphia: maybe not exactly “awsm” for the city and those who had to endure it, but the result of getting several inches of rain Wednesday-into-Thursday was certainly awsm as an example of the power of nature!

Back in the Day: The Pit, The Pot, and the Party Girl

As long as I can remember, I have been the Party Girl, organizing social events to entertain myself and my friends.  In high school (class of ’78), I hosted parties at “the Pit,” the totally un-intuitive name for the attic of my home.  The Pit was the place where… Continue reading

What’s It All About, awsmGirl?

Just a regular person, with a lil extra awsm!

A range of (sometimes weird) interests spanning…

  • relationships, some ‘Nilla, some …not
  • being a parent
  • being a girly-girl
  • fun with fashion
  • kitchen escapades
  • popular culture
  • events and other fun times
  • and how i bring, and find, a lil bit of awsm in my world!