Tonight We Dine at FOGO!

A highlight event of this week happens tonight — That Guy I Hang Out With and I are going down into Philly for dinner at Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse.  I haven’t eaten anything since a slice of toast with marmalade, around 8:30am, and I’m sipping on freshly-made Raspberry Lemonade Iced tea, to make sure that I am HUNGRY come dinnertime at 7:30pm.

Himself is a BIG fan of Fogo, and this is only the second time I’ve gone.  The last time we went, led to us going this time, via receiving a very nice perk when dining there for Valentine’s Day!


As we finished our (yes, of COURSE amazing) dinner, our server gave us a red Gift Card, for a complimentary meal for Valentine’s guests!  That is one of the best incentives I’ve ever seen: not only did we have a GREAT meal, but we received this great freebie to boot — of COURSE we were going to return!

Between one thing and another, it’s been til now for us to be able to get into Town and use it, but we are excited!

fogo madness

Tonight we dine at FOGO! …………This is MADNESS! ……………. I can’t believe it’s not MADNESS! Texting, Leonidas-style


I’ll follow-up later, post-dinner!  For now, off we go!




This week’s awsm stuff! Fri-5/2/14

Well, it’s Friday and so it’s time for me to post the various Random things that I found to be awsm this week!  It’s a bit of a mish-mosh, so here goes…

How can you not love this?!?

How can you not love this?!?

The Peter Dinklage “Game of Thrones” theme song

Because always

Because always

“Skeletor Is Love” on Facebook

  manayunk flood

Flood-adelphia: maybe not exactly “awsm” for the city and those who had to endure it, but the result of getting several inches of rain Wednesday-into-Thursday was certainly awsm as an example of the power of nature!