Tuesday is NomzDay! Defaulting to Bacon


I had originally thought to do my writings about Relationships on Tuesdays, with awsm Noms on Wednesdays, but as it turns out, switching them just works better for me.

And today being another ridiculously busy day, I am defaulting to Bacon.

These are Bacon Things I like:

bacon shrimp

Bacon Shrimp: roll the shrimp in cajun spice and wrap in bacon, cook for 20min at 350


Bacon Scallops: See Bacon Shrimp (toss with garlic butter instead of cajun, if you prefer). Make sure you sear in a pan when done baking, so that they get nice and golden (plus the caramelization tastes amazing)


Brussels Sprouts with Onion and Bacon: Cut the sprouts in half, toss with olive oil nd minced garlic, place facedown on foil-lined cookie sheet.  Chunk-up an onion or 2, toss with olive oil and oregano, scatter amongst sprouts. Top with bacon that’s been cut into 1-2″ pieces.  Cook at 350-400 til the bacon’s starting to crisp, 30-40min. Serve with just a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

bacon chicken

A couple of weeks ago, I made a Bacon-Wrapped Chicken.  With bacon stuffing.  I stuffed a mix of rosemary and sage under the skin pre-wrapping (note the festive basket weave!)  It was incredibly succulent and flavorful — much better than my photo makes it look!

A version of this receipe was recently featured in the Food Network's Magazine, Bacon issue!

A version of this receipe was recently featured in the Food Network’s Magazine, Bacon issue!

 The Bacon Apple Galette from last week’s Blog!!  So good, I had to feature it twice.


Okay, this is just deranged, yall. 

Bacon Pineapple Upside Down Cake: Set pineapple rings on paper towel to dry a little bit (save the juice in the can!).  Generously butter a cakepan.  Melt 2-4 Tbl butter and add as much brown sugar as will still stay slightly liquid, maybe a cup or so.  This is basically 2-3times as much as any recipe will tell you to do. Spread that in the pan. Top with the pineapple rings, and fill the rings and spaces between with crumbled bacon.  Mix a box of cake-mix, replacing the water with pineapple juice and adding another 1-2 tsp oil.  Into the pan that goes, set it on a cookie sheet with foil — cuz it’s gonna bubble over and drip, and bake at 350 (or per box instructions), for 30-40min.  Check for doneness, because the juice of the pineapples may make it take longer.  Remove from oven, cook, and turn out onto a serving dish — all that brown sugar should be a thick caramelly coating!

bacon chocolate

Bacon with Chocolate.   Just.  Do.  It.  I prefer a darker chocolate to offset the sweetness of the bacon.  Dip it, drizzle it, dunk it, just…  do… it.

bacon-statsbacon heart








Tonight We Dine at FOGO!

A highlight event of this week happens tonight — That Guy I Hang Out With and I are going down into Philly for dinner at Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse.  I haven’t eaten anything since a slice of toast with marmalade, around 8:30am, and I’m sipping on freshly-made Raspberry Lemonade Iced tea, to make sure that I am HUNGRY come dinnertime at 7:30pm.

Himself is a BIG fan of Fogo, and this is only the second time I’ve gone.  The last time we went, led to us going this time, via receiving a very nice perk when dining there for Valentine’s Day!


As we finished our (yes, of COURSE amazing) dinner, our server gave us a red Gift Card, for a complimentary meal for Valentine’s guests!  That is one of the best incentives I’ve ever seen: not only did we have a GREAT meal, but we received this great freebie to boot — of COURSE we were going to return!

Between one thing and another, it’s been til now for us to be able to get into Town and use it, but we are excited!

fogo madness

Tonight we dine at FOGO! …………This is MADNESS! ……………. I can’t believe it’s not MADNESS! Texting, Leonidas-style


I’ll follow-up later, post-dinner!  For now, off we go!



Found Outside: Fiddlehead Ferns, Wild Onions, and Apple-Bacon Galette

I can see I’m going to have to become one of those people who photographs my food!  That really would be the best accompaniment to this weekly page, and give me points of reference to recount whatever awsm Nomz I’ve had.

mmm, food pr0n...

mmm, food pr0n…

However, for this week, we’re just gonna hafta wing it.  New Blogger Blues, bear with me.  My inspirations this week came mostly from Nature and The Great Outdoors, as a jaunt to a natural area and a bit of leftover fruit found their way into my menu’s.

All of these recipes are KETO (ketogenic diet) – friendly!

Natural Noms by The Susquehanna Lock: Finding Fiddleheads:

Last Saturday, the Guy and I spent a glorious Spring day on a drive thru PA Dutch country (horse-drawn carts!) to the Susquehanna River Dam and Lock by Rt372.  We explored along the water’s edge upriver of the Dam and then wandered up into the woods beside a creek to some waterfalls.

Along that path, I spied Continue reading

Mmm, awsm Noms…

I am a devotee of kitchen fun, having grown up in the home of a gourmet mom — no really, we published a cookbook based on her Gourmet Gatherings parties, a couple of years ago!  I love all kinds of cuisines and time spent in the kitchen is fun and rewarding to me.

I love “cheat recipes or “spin offs,” where I take an existing recipe, even a readymade basis, and then tweak it to come up with more interesting results.  And of course I follow the seasons when cooking, changing-up my repertoire when the days get warmer or colder, to take advantage of in-season offerings and flavors.

Ive been experimenting with Keto recipes lately, with some marvelous results, and will share some of these in Posts to come.


Dimensional Kitty Cake, crusted with sugar crystals


Chorizo-stuffed Figs, wrapped in Bacon