Relationships Tu-5/6/14

Tuesday’s awsm topic of Relationships is at once the easiest and the most difficult subject to write about, for me.  Mostly, because I have had a life full of interesting relationships, many of them in the Chinese Curse context: “May You Live An Interesting Life.”

I am, as they say, a femme d’un certain age, which is to say that I expect you will think me younger than I am, and that I insist upon enjoying the advantages of being a woman in my prime.  And then, some, if I can get it.

“It’s complicated” is ubiquitous because it’s true.  My ex-marriage and subsequent Continue reading

“Not So awsm” Posts

Image  Because sometimes things suck.

Let’s be real here: My awsm Life is indeed pretty damn awsm, but not always.  That’s sorta the nature of Life.

For example, some of the “Not So awsm” issues/situations/things in my life are… Continue reading