An Un-awsm Lost Week


Yah, it’s like that. 

Between last Friday and today-Friday, I lost the week.  Too much to do, overwhelmed, and so my awsm writings came Unawsm-ly last.  Or to put a point on it, not at all.

Let’s see if I can nutshell my week…

As regards awsm clothes

I found a cute lil cotton-knit hi-lo dress by Mix&Co, in a geometric design of blue and teal, at Family Dollar store, for $12.50.  That’s been in heavy rotation this week, with a pair of sparkly flipflops from the local Dollar Tree.


sorry, my pix all seem washed-out… That turquoise-blue bra (its matching panties are still in the dryer, I think, lol) is also a Family Dollar find

And about those Dollar Tree flip-flops?  I got’em all.


I love the lil bit of sparkle, and since I have scads of them (not to mention the plain ones I already have, and other footwear), it’s not like I’ll be wearing any one pair enough to wear them out quickly.  And for $6, that’s a helluva a summer footwear bonanza!

My sister took me to her local thrifty, 2nd Avenue, and for under $25, I got a pile of things:

IMG_20140523_032556 IMG_20140523_032352 IMG_20140523_032200

A coupla sweet gauze tunics — the blue-and-green is from Old Navy, and the moss-green/tie-dye with the gem detailing is from Ashley Stewart — great with a chemise and capri’s, or over a swimsuit

IMG_20140523_031722  IMG_20140523_031541

A peacock-teal chemise with gold trim for just a lil summer glam, and a ruffle-necked brown knit sundress by Bass.  These plain-tan flip-flops will get some stick-on gems from Michaels Crafts, to spiff them up, and that’s just some gold nailpolish from 5below.

IMG_20140523_040512 IMG_20140523_041113

This Lands End sundress is fantastic!  A beautiful, flattering fit and so comfy!  The color’s a dark steel-blue/navy, with cream flowers.  The length is just above the knee, just right, and the criss-cross V neck adjusts from demure at its most closed to pretty sassy when arranged a bit lower.  Versatility, I like it!


Lastly, this darling silver party-dress, with sequin detailing and spaghetti straps, still had its $56 Kohl’s tag attached!  Who knows when a girl will need a lil something special?

In addition, I got 2 cotton short-sleeved shirts, to pull over when my shoulders get chilled — one each in black and white.  The white has some nice tuxedo pintucks in the front.  If I can get some decent pix, I’ll share later.

food clock

awsm Nomz this week?  Umm, not so much.

I was everywhere this week — at Mom’s on Monday, in Philly on Tuesday, back out to the burbs to hang-out with friends on Wednesday, back to Philly again on Thursday, and today I am work-work-working on about a dozen projects, so I can RELAX for the Memorial Day weekend!

Highlights:  Steak Tartare — or more accurately “Cannibal Bites”!


I am a very big fan of raw meats

Mine did not look nearly this posh, and when I make a proper batch of Steak Tartare, I will post a picture.  My mom used to call it “Cannibal Bites” when I was a kid — we’d get a very good grade hamburger, and mix in milk, steak sauce, chopped onion, spices…  That and a lil rye-toast, and I’m good to go.  Ate this on Thursday around 11:30am, and did not need to eat again til today (Friday).  Rich, filling and delicious.

It was a burger-licious week, since on Sunday, My Guy and I also enjoyed “plain-old” burgers, topped with cheese and bacon bits, and served with a unique salad — mustard-greens gathered by Himself in a(n UN-pesticided) field near his workplace were the basis, and we added spinach, some cut-up cherry tomatoes, a lil shredded cheese and tossed it with Italian dressing.

photo 01 photo 3

We frequently just share our plate, cuz it’s cozy!

There weren’t any awsm Events this week to speak of, and all is quiet on the Relationships front…  so that brings us to today, and a little Random awsm-ness…

dogwood 1 dogwood 3

dogwood 2 phoenixville-pjryans-colonial-bank-pbsite1-1024x681

dogwood cider dogwood bistro

Phoenixville PA’s annual Dogwood Festival is walking distance from My Guy’s place, so we took a leisurely stroll to take in the sights…  Beautiful turn of the century (1900’s, that is) architecture throughout the town, a fun little carnival acrawl with families and teenagers, and a stroll down to Bridge street for some delightful Black Cherry Hard Cider at Bistro on Bridge, made for a mellow evening — and that’s pretty awsm!

Let’s hope I don’t lose any more time, going forward!



awsm-ly Curvy, Casual and Colorful for Spring!

Today’s blog is gonna be quick-n-dirty, as it’s an especially hectic day, but I wanted to share some pix that show my awsm Curvy Fashion sense!

I am so delighted that Springtime is here, as I have some colorful transitional-season/warm weather outfits that make me feel happy and bright!

You’ll recall that last week, I posted about a visit to dine at Fogo de Chao — My Fogo de Chao Blog, Thurs 5/8/14 — and here’s the outfit I wore:

050814 Fogo 01 050814 Fogo 02

This is a great, comfy and colorful Springtime ensemble: I found this lightweight Mossimo size L/G dress for <$10 on the clearance rack at Target last spring.  It features a ruffled bodice with a nice V in the back, a natural elasticized waist that flatters my hourglass shape (just one narrow band, so I can wear it plain, as I did here, or accessorize it with narrow or wide belts), and a slightly flared skirt that ends about 2-3″ above the knee — though this means I have to be mindful of how I sit (gracefully, ladies, always gracefully), I love a flirty shorter skirt to show off my legs!  I snipped a few stitches at the center-front neckline to create more of a V-neck, since that’s a look that works very well for me.  It’s sleeveless (but, importantly, the straps cover my necessary underthings, which is an important detail to me) so I can wear it throughout the year, alone or with several different cardigans, jackets, wraps, as well as scarves, different belts, etc for multiple looks, which is the kind of versatility I demand!


In this case, my lingerie was a coordinated set in purple, with a black lace over satin bra and a black-lace-trimmed satin panty, both from Walmart’s Smart&Sexy line.

__Photo In The Works

Photo In The Works!

Because I was going to be walking in Center City, I skipped my sassy purple stiletto’s and opted for these cute purple booties that I got from my sister at Christmas (a consignment store find at <$20).


The purple handbag came from either the Salvy or 2nd Avenue, at about $5 — it’s supercute, but frustrating in that it lacks any pockets for organizing.  I end-up using Ziploc bags: one for my travelling cosmetics, another for ID and wallet, etc.


For final details, My jewelry consisted of a colorful bead-and-gold chain necklace paired with earrings in antiqued gold and rainbow crystals, along with a fun purple nail-polish from 5Below.  The denim jacket is an old wardrobe staple, funky for in-Town visits and accessorized with a bright multicolor scarf in the pocket.

In this ensemble, I felt pretty, sexy and ready for Spring as I stepped-out with my guy!

One more look for today:  a Casual Curvy look


Here I am, ready for a day of errands and just hanging-out at-home, in an outfit that re-uses many of the accessories from my ensemble above.  I’ve re-used the necklace, earrings, and handbag, as well as the handwashed and air-dryed lingerie set.  Because I am constantly on the move, spending a few nights here and a few nights there in the course of every week, when I gather my garments I try to make sure that each item is part of a coordinated group of ensembles that present mixed-and-matched items in new styles, so as to get the maximum use out of the minimum number of items packed.

What’s new here are some of my fave capri’s, which are black-denim “jeggings” by Mix&Co/size 3x from the Family Dollar Store, about $8 last Spring, if I remember correctly.  They are super-comfy, a lightweight cotton blend with plenty of stretch.  I could wear their 2x, but I like the easy fit of the larger size.

The top is a marvellous gauze tunic top, size 22-24, from Lane Bryant, that I borrowed from my sister, who found it at 2nd Avenue a few weeks ago for $7.  The bodice has sequin and metallic thread accents, and great little round buttons.  This top is so fun and breezy-comfy on a spring day that might start in the 50s, go up to the high 70s and then back down again in temps.

And omigosh, my shoes: I adore these cloth MaryJane-style knockabouts that were around $5 from Family Dollar Store so much, I bought 2 pairs.  They are soooo comfy and cute!

Yay for Sunny Spring Colors!



Thick, Thexy and Thrifty

First Monday of my awsm blogging experience, so that means awsm Curvy Fashion is today’s topic.  Today I am “Thick, Thexy and Thrifty” (go ahead, I’ll wait while you say that three times fast). This is a challenge for me, because while i definitely love to look well-turned-out, I come at fashion not as a “fashionista” with an eye for style and the pocketbook to pursue it, but rather as a very frugal person who keeps an eye to classics while scoping-out trends, who maximizes my wardrobe budget, and who loves when a look comes together. I’m a devotee of, but not a slave to current style.

A big part of this is because I am “Plus” — Plus what?  Well, plus awsm, of course, but “Plus” Size, which is a tough place to be in the marketplace (tho getting better, incrementally), while being very “Minus” in the wallet, since I am slogging through a longterm unemployment. I have to laugh at articles that address “getting the most” via Continue reading