An awsm Event at Rim Cafe: “Make It Happen!”

rene rim

This week, we joined Rene at Rim Cafe in south Philly (caddy-corner from the (in)famous Pat’s and Geno’s Philly cheesesteak stands), for the awsm Event celebrating his 20th anniversary, with everything but the amazing hot chocolate concoctions for which he’s famous.

There were musicians — with Rene on drums occasionally — fire-breathers and champagne bottles opened with sabres, a HUGE goblet of sangria, chocolate naughty-bits and flaming marshmallow toastings.  Suited guys mingled with hipsters, sexy singles with a Zach Galafinakis-lookin’ dad with his baby in a belly-pack, bougie folk like my guy and I along with city people.  Now, THIS was a party!

But I’m still jonesing for a gourmet hot-chocolate as only Rene makes’em…

Here come the photo’s!

photo 02

The scene at Rim Cafe

photo 2

A ~very~ large sangria!

photo 3

Not a trick of perspective


Rene’s motto: “Make It Happen!”

photo 08

Rene on the drums  

photo 2(1)

A study in Blue


Vive la France!

photo 3(1)

Rocky watches over us… 


Toasting marshmallows en brochette


Mmm, so sweet

photo 20

Sabre champagne un-corking


Center City style


Coupla zoot Suits


An array of delights!

photo 24

Sweets n Nuts

rim feathers

Rene’s custom-blended chocolate blocks

photo 23

Those “chocolate Zigonette” look… seductively delicious

photo 25

Oh yum, a chocolate penis to finish the night!


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