Relationships Tu-5/6/14

Tuesday’s awsm topic of Relationships is at once the easiest and the most difficult subject to write about, for me.  Mostly, because I have had a life full of interesting relationships, many of them in the Chinese Curse context: “May You Live An Interesting Life.”

I am, as they say, a femme d’un certain age, which is to say that I expect you will think me younger than I am, and that I insist upon enjoying the advantages of being a woman in my prime.  And then, some, if I can get it.

“It’s complicated” is ubiquitous because it’s true.  My ex-marriage and subsequent entanglement with my ex-spouse is complicated.

  • My current primary partner/playmate situation is complicated.
  • My relationships with my siblings are complicated.
  • And my toxic-ex-BF: omFG complicated, but blessedly DONE.
  • Sometimes, even my relationships with my sons get complicated.
  • My life choices are complicated.
  • My emotions are complicated.
  • My thought processes are complicated.
  • My life challenges are complicated.



My goal in future posts is to share, vent, bemoan, celebrate and to otherwise and in all ways explore what relationships are to me, what they mean to me, what I put into and get out of them, my hopes and aspirations, my goofs and failings.  You may get multi-post diatribes, heartbreaking sadness, or lovely happy moments of *squee!* as I sort through what I am feeling, what’s going on in My awsm Life vis-a-vis relationships.  See you next time!

RelationshipQuote CarrieBradshaw


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