Mmm, awsm Noms…

I am a devotee of kitchen fun, having grown up in the home of a gourmet mom — no really, we published a cookbook based on her Gourmet Gatherings parties, a couple of years ago!  I love all kinds of cuisines and time spent in the kitchen is fun and rewarding to me.

I love “cheat recipes or “spin offs,” where I take an existing recipe, even a readymade basis, and then tweak it to come up with more interesting results.  And of course I follow the seasons when cooking, changing-up my repertoire when the days get warmer or colder, to take advantage of in-season offerings and flavors.

Ive been experimenting with Keto recipes lately, with some marvelous results, and will share some of these in Posts to come.


Dimensional Kitty Cake, crusted with sugar crystals


Chorizo-stuffed Figs, wrapped in Bacon



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