“It’s Complicated”

Relationships are awsm, of course!  They are what drive our hearts, sometimes to glory, sometimes to painful learning experiences.  Our relationships are simultaneously the same in many broader senses as relationships through the ages, and yet unique in their details.  Nowadays, it’s become common to refer to some of our less-than-standard-issue relationships under the heading of “It’s Complicated,” and in My awsm Life, that’s a day-to-day reality…

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“It’s Complicated” really resonates with me.  I come from what is called a “broken family,” one fraught with ugly histories, strained connections, terrible hurts and losses, and yet yielding amazing closenesses, too.  My own marriage “broke,” under emotional abuses, and my first major relationship after that turned out to be with another abuser — so obviously I am working on Karmic lessons ;)

I’m currently blessed to have a partner who seems, at about 1-1/2 years in, to be a decent sort, a good person — but this relationship is “complicated” too, trapped in the Friend(s with benefits)Zone.

And complicating things still further is the fact that after a LOT of self-examination, research, and heart-search, I have chosen to delve into the world of Kink and BDSM, to find answers to longings I’ve “always” felt, ways to fill empty places in my soul, and sensual heights that I never imagined were possible. There is depth in these dark waters, and joy, though I know it is not a choice that many would make, or approve of.

In posts to come, I’ll talk…

…about the bonds and burdens of Family,

…about the agonies of relationships gone awry,

…about the delights and disappointments of my ongoing partnership, and

…about the “50 Shades” and more of my Relationships



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