n00b = not so awsm

So, i think it’s obvious that I am a rank n00b at this blogging stuff.  Still doinking around with layout options (this will happen a few times more, no doubt, til I settle on something I can live with — the Free theme options aren’t as spiff as I’d like and I’m not paying for anything as yet), and still thinking about “finding my voice.”  For a while, it’s likely to be completely random ramblings, so suck it up, buttercup.

suck it up butercup

Thinking about setting up “categories” wherein to discuss the various lead ideas as enumerated in my initial post.  Eventually, one assumes that some will pick up and others die off, thus organically determining where my blogging should go.

Off to create; or summat-like.


What’s It All About, awsmGirl?

Just a regular person, with a lil extra awsm!

A range of (sometimes weird) interests spanning…

  • relationships, some ‘Nilla, some …not
  • being a parent
  • being a girly-girl
  • fun with fashion
  • kitchen escapades
  • popular culture
  • events and other fun times
  • and how i bring, and find, a lil bit of awsm in my world!